Wednesday February 10 , 2016
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Business Consultants Lancaster - increase Profits

If you have found this site then you are looking for help or "business advice" from a Lancashire based professional on how to improve your business and ultimately it’s profitability. Sales may be slow, you may want to expand or you could well be after an independent review of your entire business and it’s processes but the basic need is the same – you want to make more profit in the most efficient way!

Two key questions are:

1. Do you run a business in the Lancashire area?

2. Could you benefit from an independent review of your entire business including your; “back office” set up, Sales, Marketing and online presence?

If your answer is no to those questions then I would say that this site is not for you. For those who answered No to question 2 then I will also say congratulations on reaching your businesses full potential!

All I ask is that you bookmark this site just in case you think you may benefit from the advice of a business consultancy. The earlier I can help a business the quicker the business will boost its profits.

If you answered yes then simply Contact me now, client information is never disclosed!

As a Business Consultant I can identify the root cause of your business problems and advise you on how to resolve them. I will supply every business consultancy client with a “real world” evaluation document which will identify the areas that have “room for improvement”. Should you want me to then I can also work with you step by step through our profitability review.

What do we Offer?

  • Help create a business plan
  • Small Business Advice / New Business Advice
  • Market your business effectively. Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Improve your sales. Do you make the most of every sales opportunity?
  • Make the most of the technology available to your business - much of it is free!
  • Cut costs
  • Help expand your business successfully.
  • Find sources of free business advice.
  • Boost profits
  • Book our Lancaster based mystery Shopper!

Can I help your business?

We can help almost any company - Large or small businesses, plumbers, High street retailer, Cafe's and Restaurants, Manufacturing or Software House.  If we feel we cannot help your business, for whatever reason, then we will be honest enough to tell you!

Can you afford it?

The initial consultation, where we assess your business and discuss your problems is FREE, however should you ask us to help your business, and we feel that we can, then our business health check document is priced at only £100.

This customised business advice document is priced at only £100 so that we can make our help accessible to those small businesses that need some guidance as well as other more established local Lancashire Businesses that are looking to "boost sales".

Whether your business can afford £100 is up to you but if that fresh perspective helps you come up with new ideas, access better suppliers and market your business more successfully so that you increase your profit by even just 5% then is it worth it?

After that initial consultation pricing will vary dependant on your needs but we will always be honest about pricing and there will never be any hidden charges.

An example of Services we provide are:

Business Plan creation

Identifying Problem areas in large or small businesses

Updating old businesses.

Troubleshooting service

Guide you towards trustworthy and helpful free business advice

Help create a marketing plan that works for you - We specialise in providing small business marketing help.

Improve Sales methods - Help your business sell more!

Boost efficiency

Affordable website design and development – Work with our trusted local web developer in Lancaster

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Work with a local, proven SEO Expert based in Lancaster at a discounted rate

Help you cut costs without cutting corners

Give you access to trusted local suppliers in the Lancashire area.

..........And most of all Increase Profits!

For a completely confidential conversation about how I can help you, call me on 07918 744 699 or send an email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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